The Not Impossible Plan is a movement dedicated to the retirement of fossil fuel use by 2060 through advocating providing zero interest, 20-year term, loans to renewable energy projects. These loans would be funded by a modest, $20/tonne, fossil CO2 tax.
Don head and shoulders compressedDon Gayton, Clean Energy Engineer, Founder
Don holds a Masters of Engineering in Clean Energy Engineering and a BASc in Electrical Engineering from the University of British Columbia. He has an unusually broad knowledge of renewable energy systems, business, electronic/mechanical design, and software design along with a deep understanding of thermodynamics, chemistry and statistics. In 2009 Don left a successful 25-year career as a high technology executive to focus his efforts on helping prevent further climate change. Don returned to university in 2010 and obtained his M.Eng. in Clean Energy Engineering. Since that time he has been working in the clean technology sector in Vancouver, Canada, while developing the ideas behind The Not Impossible Plan.
Don resides in Nanaimo BC, Canada, with his wife, Dr. Elizabeth McLin. Don can be reached at